Web Application Development/Re-Engineering

We use the following methodology for Web Application development/re-engineering projects:

Step 1. Project Assessment

We discuss with the client the size, scope, and delivery target of the web application. We review existing documentation and/or code to assess whether we are a fit for the project and whether the client's expectations are compatible with our capabilities to perform. We prepare an estimate for the Project Planning step. This task will take an hour to a few hours. There is no charge for this assessment.

Step2. Project Planning

We discuss with the client, at length, the requirements, features, and delivery time frame of the desired application, to the extent possible. We continue until we and the client have reached an initial understanding and agreement on what is to be delivered and when. This may take an hour or several days, depending on the size of the application. From this we prepare a prioritized list of development tasks, initial milestones and deliverables.

Step3. Project Execution

In conjunction with the client, we select the set of development tasks to be completed for the next milestone, usually a week. We negotiate with the client the fee for the milestone. We accomplish the development tasks and deliver and demonstrate the results to the client.

Step4. Project Continuation

Client reviews delivered results and pays agreed milestone fee if satisfied. Client may stop/cancel project at this point. If client wishes to continue, client, in conjunction with us, makes any desired changes to the project plan and/or task list and authorizes the next milestone effort. Project iterates Steps 3 & 4 until project is completed or client stops/cancels project.