Larry Drews, Managing Director and Senior Consultant

Larry has over 50 years experience in the management, design, and development of application software. Trained in Object-Oriented Analysis and Design, Essential Function Analysis, Functional Decomposition, he also has learned and used more programming languages than he can remember. As a certified Scrum management practitioner, he has managed various development teams, most recently with a leading biotechnology firm. Retired from the corporate world, he has picked up his tools again and is currently working with AnsanTek Ltd, focusing on Web Applications using the popular Javascript, TypeScript, and HTML languages applied via the NodeJS/ExpressJS (server) and Aurelia (browser) frameworks.

Internet Freelancers

Available worldwide, 24 hours/day, the community of internet based freelancers is beyond measurement. Skills of every type are readily available for application to client projects, requiring only proper management to be effective. The world has indeed become a small village.